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Online grocer Peapod settles web accessibility action

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Online shoppers with disabilities have achieved a win with the news overnight that the US Justice Department has settled a discrimination action against internet supermarket, Peapod.

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Football fan sues American university over lack of captioning at games


A hearing impaired man who attends University of Kentucky home football games at Commonwealth Stadium, has filed a case in a US district court to try to force the university to provide captioning of all announcements during the games.

The man, Charles Mitchell, said that captions for announcements over the public address system could be displayed on video boards and monitors, and not doing so was violating the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

He has asked the court to issue a permanent injunction ordering the University of Kentucky to provide Deaf and hearing impaired people with equal access to all activities and services during games.

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Disney being sued over lack of accessibility


Three women in the United States are suing Disney for discrimination against those who are blind or vision impaired.

According to the press release about the class action suit, the plaintiffs are claiming that the parks themselves are discriminatory against people who are blind and vision impaired by “refusing to reasonably accommodate the needs of guests with guide dogs, refusing to provide functional audio technology, refusing to provide Braille menus, schedules and maps, and more”.

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