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At the cinema

Many cinemas are making it easier for people with a hearing or vision impairment to go to the movies. Here's what you can expect.

Check out our page for what to expect at the cinema.

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Find accessible movies

Here is our step-by-step guide to finding accessible movie sessions with CC and AD on each major cinema website.

Read the guide to finding accessible movie sessions online.

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Captions in the arts

Captions allow a wider range of people to enjoy the theatre experience, essential for the 4.5 million Australians who are Deaf or hearing impaired.

Read our page on captions in the arts.

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Latest Cinema & Arts News

  • Media Access Australia wants to let you know about a trio of free events scheduled around the International Day Of People With Disability on 3 December. 'Youth, Mental Health and Inclusion in the Arts' will be staged in Ballarat on 28/11; 'Red Dog True Blue' is being audio described at Event Cinema Parramatta on 4/12; and you're invited to attend the 2016 Arts Access Victoria AGM on 6/12 in South Melbourne.

  • The Sydney Festival is gearing up for January 2017 and the organisers are committed to making every effort to ensure that their program of activities to be staged from 7 to 29 January will be accessible to people with a disability.

  • The Australia Council for the Arts (ACA) is evaluating their 2014-2016 Disability Action Plan and their Arts and Disability Funding program. If you’re an artist or arts-based organisation, they need your help to find out about the challenges so far and your thoughts on future priorities.

  • 121 students took over New Zealand’s Parliament to debate about ‘Accessible Web Pages and Apps’. This was a mock bill aiming to improve accessibility in NZ.

  • As part of the accessibility focus of Screenworks, they will be holding a Closed Captioning (CC) and Audio Description (AD) workshop next month, with the aim of educating filmmakers on the importance and simplicity of accessibility methods.

  • Would you like to be a judge, or do you know a suitably qualified professional who would like to, for this year’s Australian Web Awards? Applications are now open if you or anyone else that you know is interested in applying.

  • Last week Sydney saw the launch of Vivid, which is claimed to be the largest Winter festival of light, music and creativity in the country. Although Vivid is a typically visual festival, this year the organisers have made sure that individuals with a disability, including those who are blind or vision-impaired, can still be involved and enjoy the festival through audio description (AD).

Cinema & Arts

Captions and audio description can be used to enhance access to theatre, video, exhibits at museums and galleries, even architecture and historical sites. Visit the Your Local Cinema website for more on these technologies in cinema.

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