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People are turning to the web for their video content more and more.

We help you find video with captions and audio description online and off.

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Digital technology

A guide to the mainstream technologies that are affordable and accessible, helping people with a disability access information when and where they choose.  

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Latest News

  • From the Samsung Note7 recall to reviews of smart TVs and even toasters, Choice is known for their no-spin product and service ratings, reports and reviews. And now the consumer advocacy group is wanting to find out just how many people value accessible product design, with a new survey that's open to everyone to have their say.

  • While Google and Apple continue to fight it out to see which one has the biggest app store, new US research shows that 49% of smartphone users never download any apps at all.

  • The Australia Council for the Arts (ACA) is evaluating their 2014-2016 Disability Action Plan and their Arts and Disability Funding program. If you’re an artist or arts-based organisation, they need your help to find out about the challenges so far and your thoughts on future priorities.

  • A week after the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched to much fanfare, Apple has pushed out iOS 10, which overhauls some core iOS applications, along with providing developer access to a number of popular features and apps. After initial difficulties associated with iPhone updates, Apple has stated that the problems have been solved and iOS 10 is now issue-free.

  • Media Access Australia (MAA), in conjunction with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), is pleased to announce the launch of a new website and supporting downloadable resources designed to make digital accessibility for those with a disability easier and more affordable.

  • The AGM of People with Disability Australia Incorporated (PWDA) will be on 23 November and nominations for the roles of President and seven Board Director positions are currently being sought, from people who are voting members of PWDA.

  • If your broadband is providing you with speeds that are consistently lower than the performance figures stated by your internet service provider (ISP), or your broadband become unreliable at certain times, you’re within your rights to make a complaint.

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This website provides information on access to media using technology. It covers a wide range of practical information on access issues involving TV, DVDs, cinema-the-arts, the artsXXX, new media and education; and access technologies including captioning (primarily used by people who are Deaf and hearing impaired) and audio description (primarily used by people who are blind and vision impaired). You will also find information on rules and regulations affecting access, and levels of access on various types of media in Australia and the rest of the world. The key to our service is keeping people up-to-date with the world of accessible media.

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