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Latest News

  • The annual LEAD conference has called for proposals for pre-conference workshops and conference sessions for its 2015 event, to be held in Washington DC during August.

  • The next round of the Federal Government’s repeal red tape campaign is due to take place next month and is likely to include captioning issues. MAA has contacted a number of interest groups including Federal politicians with our recommendations on how repealing red tape could benefit the operation of the captioning elements of the Broadcasting Services Act.

  • Telstra has released an initial batch of 14 BigPond movies with open captions, with a promise to expand the service in the future.

  • The DVD supplier Redbox has agreed to makes its kiosks in California accessible for blind and vision impaired consumers, after several advocates for the blind launched a class action against it in 2012.

  • Thursday, 18 September 2014
    Telstra announces accessibility initiatives

    Telstra has announced several new initiatives aimed at improving access for people with disabilities to telecommunications services.

  • Wednesday, 17 September 2014
    ACCAN announces Apps For All Challenge winners

    The winners of the inaugural competition to recognise the work of Australian accessible app developers, the Apps For All Challenge 2014, have been announced.

  • The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released the results of a survey it undertook in the lead-up to the National Disability Forum which took place on 15 September.

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