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Why are we collecting funds?

Exclusion from media has profound effects upon people living with disability. Access to media in all its forms, and particularly through technology, can either positively or negatively impact on educational outcomes, workforce participation and social inclusion.

The ability to access information means that a person with disability can participate in mainstream activities that the rest of the population take for granted like learning to read, watching television, accessing documents at work, applying for a property and even getting money out of an ATM.

Media Access Australia is Australia’s only independent charitable organisation dedicated to increasing web and digital accessibility for all people with a disability.


What do we do?

Funds raised are used to advocate for both consideration and creation of accessible digital platforms. We believe that accessible design is great design and that every member of the community should have full access to the digital world.

We promote inclusion by providing helpful information, articles, specialist training, and public advocacy to government, industry, educators, consumer groups and charities, focused on optimising the accessibility of mainstream technologies, online media, digital technology, apps, television, streaming services, and the arts. Examples of activities we undertake include:

  • Increase access to information services and reduce discrimination through courses and services that redesign technology.
  • Increase access to content and reduce discrimination in the workplace and in the community through auditing and accessibility support.
  • Relieve disability by increasing knowledge and access to technology through information guides and services.
  • Support independence for individuals with disability with expert advice from an accessibility perspective.


What can you do?

Help us to put web and digital accessibility in the spotlight as we advocate for more accessible digital resources for people with a disability and provide support for those taking action. Donate today!


Donate now via our secure 'Give Now' donation page

Go to the Media Access Australia Give Now page where you can make a one-off donation, or choose to donate monthly. All donations are tax deductible as we are a registered charity.


How can I learn more?

Have a look around the Media Access Australia website. We have loads of information for individuals and organisations around all aspects of web and digital accessibility. For more details on the difference we want to make, please email Media Access Australia. Or if you'd like to give us a phone call to make a donation with your credit card, or to find out more about donating to help us make a real difference by improving web and digital accessibility, please call (02) 9212 6242 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday – we’d love to hear from you.


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