Digital Accessibility Services

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Media Access Australia strives for accessibility and inclusion through technology. We’re Australia’s only independent Not-For-Profit organisation dedicated to increasing access to websites, digital media and technology for people with vision, hearing and cognitive disabilities, as well as older Australians, those from non-English-speaking backgrounds, and people with varying levels of education and literacy.

In addition to our advocacy efforts, the Media Access Australia Digital Accessibility Services team works with local, state and federal governments, corporations, educational institutions, and charities to maximise engagement and inclusion for the broadest possible audience. We work alongside you to audit, review and implement accessibility, plus train your staff and line managers in best-practice digital access.

Our expertise in web and digital accessibility can benefit many different types of people within organisations including:

•           Executives and managers by upskilling them with practical accessibility governance strategies and organisational inclusion planning

•           Project managers by equipping and future proofing teams by embedding accessibility into organisational processes and/or the software development cycle

•           Marketing communications via making branding, content production, social media, campaign development and communications planning accessible.

•           Web managers by conducting thorough accessibility audits and testing of websites, mobile content and apps on a wide variety of platforms and browsers.

•           Web developers, designers and content authors via practical hands-on training, the university-backed Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility (PCWA) course and a single source of online Guides to WCAG 2.0

•           Content and communication managers through digital document remediation and creating digitally accessible documents in various formats.

To find out more about our services and how we can help your organisation, go to our Digital Accessibility Services website.

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