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Classroom Access Project 1

The Classroom Access Project was first piloted in Term 1, 2010 at La Salle Catholic College, Bankstown, NSW. This project was an initiative of Media Access Australia, and implemented through partnership with the Catholic Education Office Sydney and La Salle Catholic College, Bankstown.

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One in three students in every Australian classroom will benefit significantly by simply turning on the captions when watching videos. Go to the CAP THAT! website for more information on the benefits, useful resources and lots of ideas on how to improve literacy for all by turning on the captions in the classroom!

Visit the CAP THAT! website.

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The ‘model classroom’ in action

The Classroom Access Project (CAP) operated for 20 weeks in both trial schools, which provided necessary longevity to test the concept of access to captioned video and other media and improved sound in mainstream schools.

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Classroom Access Project

Access to captioned video and other media for students with hearing impairment can be challenging due to the increased use of online curriculum resources to support the curriculum, and also a need to upskill teachers in the use of captions.

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Professional links for teachers

There are a range of organisations and interactive hubs which are valuable for teachers who work with students who are Deaf or have hearing impairment.

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Visit Australian Curriculum website; ACARA also provides specific information about student diversityincluding students with disability.

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Education Services Australia (ESA) has developed Scootle, a purpose designed search tool which enables teachers to find digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum (AC). Scootle is available to all teachers via jurisdiction login or by individual registration. Many resources in Scootle link to Australian Curriculum Content Descriptions and can be searched directly from the Australian Curriculum website.


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Captions and literacy

A student becoming literate involves a number of skills and capabilities, not only the capacity to read, but also the ability to understand, make meaning and analyse, and sometimes act on what has been read.

Literacy takes a variety of forms, including print and digital media literacy. Australian students are increasingly required to respond to a variety of text options in schools, including print, multimodal, digital and media texts, as defined by the Australian Curriculum.

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