Windows 7, Vista and XP

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Windows 7, Vista and XP contains many accessibility features which can make computers easier and more comfortable to use.

Display and readability

Feature Vision Hearing Mobility
Desktop font size Yes No No
Desktop icon size Yes No No
Screen resolution size Yes No Yes
Colour themes and schemes Yes No No
Cursor width and blink rate Yes No Yes
Magnifier Yes No No

Sound and speech

Feature Vision Hearing Mobility
Sound volume No Yes No
ShowSounds and SoundSentry No Yes No
Toggle Keys Yes No No
Narrator Yes No No

Keyboard and mouse

Feature Vision Hearing Mobility
Mouse double-click speed No No Yes
Mouse pointer movement speed Yes No Yes
Mouse pointer size and trails Yes No No
ClickLock No No Yes
MouseKeys No No Yes
StickyKeys No No Yes
FilterKeys No No Yes
On-screen keyboard No No Yes


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