Blind or vision impaired

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Access review of WebAnywhere


WebAnywhere is a simple, web-based screen reader that is limited to reading webpage content out to you. It works with any operating system and web browser, and no special software is required. It is ideal for use on a public computer.

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Ofcom publishes Single Equality Scheme Annual Report

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Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has published its Single Equality Scheme Annual Report that details the progress of its equality commitments, including action on disability issues.

The Single Equality Scheme is Ofcom’s action plan towards achieving its seven goals for diversity and equality. Some goals are internal, such as aiming to increase the number of people from diverse groups working at Ofcom, including in executive and advisory capacities.

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Canadian disability service providers appalled at government appeal


The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) have come out with strong statements against the Canadian government’s appeal of a court ruling that federal government websites are to be made accessible to sensory impaired users by 2012.

John Rafferty, President and CEO of CNIB, said, “The fact that it took a court case to plead for full web accessibility in the first place is bad enough, but to learn that the government plans to spend more time and taxpayer money fighting the court’s ruling is just appalling.”

Robin East, President of the nationwide Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, echoed these sentiments, saying, “we are outraged by the government’s decision to appeal this landmark decision”.

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Amazon provides accessibility plug-in for Kindle for PC


Amazon has released a plug-in to improve the accessibility of its Kindle eBook reader software for PC.

The accessibility features that are enabled in the plug-in, which is currently not available in Australia, include:

Digital media and technology: 

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