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WebAnywhere is a simple, web-based screen reader that is limited to reading webpage content out to you. It works with any operating system and web browser, and no special software is required. It is ideal for use on a public computer.

Access review

WebAnywhere is a web-based screen reader that reads out information that is displayed in your web browser (i.e. a webpage). It works with all operating systems and web browser – all you need is a computer with a sound card and either speakers or headphones. WebAnywhere will start automatically when you visit the WebAnywhere website, and then will continue to read out the information that is on any webpage that you subsequently visit.

WebAnywhere is ideal for when you are on a computer in a public place such as an internet cafe or library, and you only need information that is displayed in a web browsers read out.


There are two versions: an alpha release and a beta release.

The alpha release has a selection of keyboard commands (e.g. skip to next heading or link) that gives you more control over their browsing experience. The beta release has additional features, including:

  • announcing the number of headings and links on a webpage as soon as the webpage loads;
  • highlighting the text that is being read out aloud;
  • displaying an enlarged version of the text that is being read out aloud at the top of the screen;
  • providing next and previous buttons to read the website in small chunks, pausing until you use the next or previous buttons.

To start WebAnywhere, follow the WebAnywhere (alpha) or WebAnywhere (beta) web links and WebAnywhere will start automatically.

Comparison with System Access to Go

Although both System Access to Go (SAToGo) and WebAnywhere are both web-activated screen readers, SAToGo is a must more sophisticated screen reader. WebAnywhere is limited to reading out information that is displayed in your web browser. SAToGo is a fully functional screen reader that not only reads out information displayed in your web browser, but also your computer and select applications that run on your computer such as Microsoft Word.

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