Hearing Awareness Week approaches with the promise of resources for teachers

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014 11:59am

Hearing Awareness Week (HAW), which runs from 24th to 30th August, provides a focus for all things relating to hearing health and access, and will be of special benefit for teachers who work with students who are Deaf or have hearing loss and their classmates. The activities, resources and discussion opportunities provide an encouraging environment and a reminder that there is a lot of support for teachers to improve and sustain accessible teaching practice throughout the year.

HAW has activities planned around the country. To start the ball rolling is the Australian Hearing Hub Open House this Saturday 23rd August, to raise awareness about healthy hearing and the services available at the Australian Hearing Hub.

The annual HAW is managed by Deafness Forum. It has a dedicated website with information about the history of hearing devices, a loud noise simulator, how hearing works, what’s on, resources, fact sheets and a dedicated section for schools.

Information for schools include a YouTube clip: ‘Top tips for teachers working with students with a hearing loss’; making a difference through accessibility, a school curriculum-based hearing health program (with resources), an online teacher training course and information about our CAP THAT! campaign complete with resources about finding, turning on and using captions in the classroom.

Schools around the country will have the opportunity to engage in awareness raising activities and improve the hearing health of all their students during HAW and beyond.

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