New Broadway theatre accessibility initiative

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Thursday, 9 June 2011 12:56pm

A new partnership between Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts and arts access provider G-PASS means visitors to New York will have the opportunity to enjoy more Broadway shows.

The Broadway Accessibility/Audience Expansion Initiative enables theatregoers to view captions or listen to audio description at every performance of designated shows.

Using technology developed by Sound Associates, the G-PASSaccess services of I-Caption and D-Scriptive are both automated systems, delivering captions or audio description that are synchronised to the show’s cueing system.

I-Caption delivers captions on a small personal digital assistant (PDA), which can be handheld or placed in receptacles in the seat in front. Users can scroll backwards and forwards to catch captions they may have missed.

D-Scriptive delivers audio description via headphones and automatically adjusts to any fluctuations in the performance.

G-PASS also offers ShowTrans for non-English speaking audience members, completing a package of products that demonstrates how increasing access can facilitate new areas of economic growth.

Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts’ Executive Director, Sharon Jensen, says, “The Initiative enables more theatregoers with disabilities to enjoy as complete and captivating an experience as their non-disabled peers.”

D-Scriptive and I-Caption are currently available for every Broadway performance of Catch Me If You Can, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, Wicked and Mamma Mia.

Read more about the initiative on the Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts’ website.

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