Dell and Microsoft create program for accessible classrooms

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012 09:15am

A new collaborative effort by Microsoft and Dell has introduced an education program in the U.S. that will provide training and support to teachers of students with disabilities.

The program will help them incorporate and promote the use of assistive technologies and software features in classrooms for students who are blind or vision impaired or have a cognitive disability.

The program, called Dell’s Assistive Technology Service, was designed in consultation with teaching professionals and accessibility specialists, and offers access to training on assistive technology. Assistive technologies like screen magnifiers, screen readers, text-to-speech software or braille devices provide alternative ways for students who are blind or vision impaired or have cognitive disabilities to access information in the classroom.

Dell’s Assistive Technology Service will assist teachers with selecting assistive technologies suited to the students they will be used by, and provide training to students, parents and teachers on how to use these. The program also offers training on how teachers can use the accessibility features of Microsoft programs like Word and Office.

Services such as these highlight the importance of incorporating accessible technologies in the classroom so that all students have equal access to education materials.

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