The National Library: a ‘treasure trove’ of captioned resources

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The National Library of Australia (NLA), located in Canberra, is home to extensive collections across a range of disciplines including Australian cultural collections; and provides access to online journals, databases, newspapers and much more.

The NLA also provides an impressive and the most substantial list of captioned videos nationally, via its search engine. Once a captioned title has been located, borrowers can organise an interlibrary loan between relevant libraries.

With over 61,400 captioned videos and DVDs available for discovery by the search engine Trove, the NLA offers huge opportunity for the provision of access to captioned educational content for teachers and students in Australian schools.

How to optimise your search for captioned resources:

An example - searching for a captioned version of ‘Twelfth Night’

In Advanced search fill in the title field with ‘Twelfth Night’ and in the format field choose Captioned and then press Search.

Advanced search field with ‘Twelfth Night’ entered and format field with 'Captioned' selected.

Your search has been refined to only show captioned results. The first result for ‘Twelfth Night’ indicates there are captioned copies available.

Captioned results for ‘Twelfth Night’ diplayed

After choosing the first result – 5 captioned videos are available. Choose any of these to find exactly which library holds a copy.

List of 5 available captioned 'Twelfth Night' videos

Scroll down the page to “Get this edition”. Now you can contact your local library to organise an interlibrary loan.

"Get this edition" section with list of library locations available

Research supports the use of captioned video for key literacy benefits such as improving students’ comprehension, information recall, and incidental vocabulary acquisition. More and more teachers are realising the benefits of the use captions in their classroom.

Media Access Australia’s national awareness raising initiative, CAP THAT! provides resources and information about how to use captions in schools.

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