Ai-Media expansion to benefit education and business

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Monday, 4 August 2014 17:04pm

Access provider Ai-Media has expanded its operations to Melbourne as part of growing its national and global operations in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and London.

Ai-Media CEO Tony Abrahams said he was “delighted to be able to additionally service our broadcast, education, corporate and government clients from this dynamic city”.

The provision of captions via speech-to-text in the classroom, workplace, at conferences and in meetings has increased access to information and services for people with hearing impairment and other needs. This access affords people the opportunity to participate fully and make equitable contributions in their chosen fields or places of learning.

The combination of service provision through captioning for television broadcasters and speech-to- text services provided by Ai-Media improves the picture for captioned access for students in schools. Senator Mitch Fifield, Assistant Minister for Social Services, said that “it's been great to see captions move from television into education and benefit people beyond those with a hearing impairment, including autism, English as an additional language and also for teacher improvement”. Research backs the use of captions in educational settings for improved literacy benefits for students with diverse learning needs.

Ai-Media has taken their approach in educational settings a step further. Professor John Hattie, Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, reflected that “providing classroom transcripts facilitates feedback to teachers that is meaningful, in real-time, and impact focused. Teachers have an opportunity to evaluate their teaching, and grow from the evidence of impact.” This teacher-reflective approach benefits all students who are in the class, and encourages teachers to consider access to other educational content delivered by multimedia, such as captioned online, DVD and TV content, to further facilitate inclusion in the teaching and learning process.

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