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DVDs with closed captions are widely available from retailers, rental outlets and kiosks. Generally, if the distributor has decided to caption a title, each copy of the title will have captions available.

The level of captioning on new release DVD rentals has been stable around the 55 per cent mark since 2006. While some distributors have increased their levels of captioning on DVDs, other smaller DVD distributors have come into the market and are releasing titles with no added features beyond the feature itself. 

How to find a DVD with captions

DVDs with captions will have the closed caption symbol below on the back of the case, or list “closed captions” or “subtitles for the hearing impaired” in the sound profile.  There may be slight differences between the The closed caption symbol.terminologies used between distribution companies.

Playing captioned DVDs

Instructions will vary depending on the particular DVD and player you are using. There are detailed instructions, including a demonstration video for how to play a DVD with captions in our TV & Video section.

Most television sets and DVD/Blu-ray players are capable of playing closed captions. Check for the following before buying new equipment:

  • The equipment meets Australian Standard 4933 for digital reception.
  • The equipment has the HD Tick logo.

Please note even DVD recorders with this information may not be capable of recording closed captions.

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