Google Chrome OS to have inbuilt screen reader

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 09:40am

According to Google support, the next version of Google Chrome Operating System (OS), an operating system targeted at netbooks, will have an inbuilt screen reader.

The information came to light when Dallas Despain, Accessibility Web Developer at RightNow Technologies, reported on the RightNow blog that the next release of Google Chrome OS will include an inbuilt screen reader available via a Chrome extension called ChromeVox.

According to the Google Chrome OS accessibility help page, the login screen verbally prompts you for your username and password. Once signed in, ChromeVox is turned on and all Chrome menus are voiced. Opening webpages produces a combination of spoken feedback and non-speech auditory cues, and you can access a set of keyboard commands that can be customised for your own needs.

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