Dropbox announces accessibility updates

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:48am

Dropbox, the cloud-based file storage service, has announced accessibility updates to its iOS-based application.

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In a blog post on making Dropbox for iOS more accessible, Dropbox’s Ashley Nelson-Hornstein wrote that the company had fully reviewed the application and worked with the AppleVis online community for blind iPhone users to make it “fully accessible with VoiceOver”, Apple’s screen reading tool.

The updates to accessibility include:

  • The Dropbox welcome tutorial now more clearly identifies its contents to help users sign in. VoiceOver will announce the sign-in button, and when activated, display the sign-in screen.
  • Thumbnails on the Photos tab are more descriptive than before and now properly announce the title of the photo.
  • Enabling or disabling users’ passcode locks is now easier, and the passcode field and digits can be selected more easily when entering your passcode.
  • A new button to close out of the ‘More Actions’ menu using VoiceOver has been added, so users can get back to what they were doing in Dropbox.
  • VoiceOver I now available on the passcode lock screen.

According to the blog post, more updates are to follow. Dropbox will also seek out additional user feedback.


In news related to VoiceOver, a new VoiceOver tutorial on the rotor gesture in iOS8 by inclusive learning evangelist Luis Perez, who was interviewed by Media Access Australia about being a vision-impaired photographer, is available on YouTube.

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