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Thursday, 23 October 2014 14:44pm

Australian web users stand to benefit from increased access to websites thanks to the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) 2014 Web Awards.

2014 Award: Australian Web Awards logo

The Australian Web Awards, to be held on 1 November in Sydney, showcases outstanding work by Australian web designers and developers and their adoption of web standards that help make sites accessible to people with disabilities. The awards are sponsored by Media Access Australia in the Government category.

Our web accessibility expert and a judge of the Web Awards, Dr Scott Hollier, said it was encouraging to see that, broadly speaking, web accessibility was both getting more attention and improving.

“Over the years of judging I’ve seen examples of websites that were completely inaccessible, and examples of best practice,” he said. “While this is not unusual in competitions, what I’ve found really interesting is how the websites in the middle have moved from developers largely not caring about accessibility to now specifically focusing on making their web content accessible.

“While not all entries were successful in making the website completely accessible, it is important to acknowledge that most entrants made an effort, which is encouraging. I’ll be interested to see if the trend continues next year.”

The full list of winners from five states and two territories can be found on the Australian Web Awards website.

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