Region 1 catching up on DVD access

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Friday, 5 February 2010 11:33am

As often reported, the UK and more recently Australia lead the world in audio described DVDs. In January statistics, audio described new release rental titles in Australia reached 24%, which is comparable to UK levels. 

Set to join us in the foreseeable future is Region 1, which consists of Canada, the USA and USA territories. Historically, Region 1 has been lucky to receive five audio described releases per year. But as a reaction to consistent consumer demand, some major DVD distributors have committed to releasing their audio described theatrical releases to DVD with the description soundtrack included. In 2009, 10 titles were release with audio description, mostly towards the end of the year. 2010 will undoubtedly break records for Region 1 audio described DVD fans. 

MAA will be keeping a close watch on developments for Region 1 DVDs, but you can also stay informed by following the American Council for the Blind’s ADP website.


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