Now you can tweet accessible images

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Friday, 16 May 2014 15:02pm

Accessible Twitter service Easy Chirp used Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014 to announce a new feature that allows users to tweet images with a description attached. This tool will make it radically easier to include screen reader users in social media.

Increasingly, exchanging images on social media is a fundamental way people interact online. The popularity of trends such as memes has meant that much of the information people share online is locked away in an image, beyond the reach of a screen reader.

Easy Chirp was developed by WebAxe founder Dennis Lembree as an accessible Twitter client. The service offers an alternative interface to Twitter that made up for Twitter’s inaccessibility.  As Twitter has become more accessible, Easy Chirp has continued to offer features specifically suited to blind users.

Now, Easy Chirp allows you to add short and long descriptions to images you attach to tweets. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Easy Chirp with your Twitter account
  2. Select ‘Write Tweet’
  3. Select ‘Add Image’
  4. Select an image from your device
  5. Enter a title of the image (short description)
  6. If necessary, enter a long description of the image
  7. Click the ‘Upload Image’ button. A URL will be inserted in the tweet input (text area)
  8. Finish writing the tweet and click the ‘Post’ button

Further detail about Easy Chirp’s image feature is available on the WebAxe website.

Since publishing this story, the application’s author has advised that when viewing your timeline in Easy Chirp, both the accessible images and the images uploaded from Twitter are previewed.

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