Spanish website provides accessibility reviews of smartphones

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Monday, 16 June 2014 12:23pm

Spanish organisation Fundación ONCE has created a website, Amóvil, designed to provide accessibility reviews of popular European smartphones.

Amóvil is a Spain-based initiative designed to help people with disabilities find a smartphone that suits their needs and preferences. It allows users to search for a particular model of smartphone and then read reviews about the device and its accessibility features.

The search function allows users to search by accessibility type, such as features only applicable to blind users, hard of hearing users and low vision users.

The reviews provide detailed overviews of the smartphone’s operating system and simple ratings to help consumers quickly decide the appropriateness of the device.

There are also opportunities for visitors to the site to put in their own ratings and comments based on their experience. For example, a search on the popular low-cost Moto G smartphone revealed a comprehensive review of the phone, the operating system it could be upgraded to, key accessibility features and user ratings.

While the resource may be of benefit to Australian consumers, it is important to note that European models often differ from those available in Australia and therefore the information may not always be directly relevant to local products.

The Amóvil website is available in both English and Spanish.

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