Apple to provide accessibility support around NDIS conference

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 10:50am

Apple is presenting its accessibility technologies at the NDIS New World Conference in Brisbane next week. The tech giant has prepared an "Accessible House" in the main conference exhibition space, with an interactive exhibit promoting and featuring accessible devices, apps and accessories to assist people to do more around the home and office.

Man using an iPad

The seminar will feature products such as the iPhone and iPad, and will cover options for vision, hearing, motor and cognitive disabilities. In addition to this, every Apple store in Australia will be running an accessibility workshop on Saturday 31 October at 9:30am.

People wishing to reserve a spot at an Apple workshop can do so by going to the Apple website. Information can be found by selecting your preferred store, then scrolling down to the ‘Upcoming Store events and workshops’.

Media Access Australia’s Director of Digital Accessibility, Dr. Scott Hollier, will be presenting at the NDIS conference on Tuesday 27 October focusing on the Service Providers Accessibility Guide. This guide will provide support to NDIS service providers to ensure that their message is delivered in an accessible way and will give guidance on how accessibility features are used in technology, including Apple devices.

The Media Access Australia website has a wealth of information about the accessibility features of Apple products and other devices. Our Digital Technology section covers accessible options for users of many mainstream devices, including Windows, Apple and mobile devices.

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