NVDA screen reader now recognises long description

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Monday, 12 November 2012 10:31am

Free screen reader for Windows, NVDA, has been updated to recognise 'longdesc', an attribute used by web developers to describe the data that is visually presented in images such as graphs and diagrams.

To access the long description, press 'NVDA'+'d' once the screen reader announces it is there. For example, if users have their screen reader focused on an image of a graph, NVDA will announce there is long description available. To activate the long description, users can press the NVDA button (usually Insert) and the 'd' to hear the long description. This update is compatible with the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

NVDA has recently been adapted for Windows 8, Microsoft's latest operating system that was released in October.  For more information about the NVDA longdesc update, visit the NVDA Project website.

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