Apple iPad 2 launches in Australia today

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Friday, 25 March 2011 14:33pm

The Apple iPad 2 will be launched in Australia at 5pm AEDT this afternoon.

The reduced weight of the new model and the $50 price cut makes the new iPad 2 an attractive, accessible device for people with disabilities.

The accessibility features of the new iPad are similar to those in the current version with many options to support the needs of people with disabilities including:

  • the VoiceOver screen reader
  • full screen zoom magnification
  • captioned video playback 
  • white on black display
  • audio can be controlled between left and right speakers (mono audio)

Improvements to FaceTime and new Apple iMovie app may also be of benefit to some sensory impaired users. The weight has been reduced which could make it easier to hold for those with a mobility impairment.

The new Digital Technology section of the Media Access Australia website contains a detailed review of the accessibility features of the current iPad as well as other portable devices.

More information, including pricing can be found on the Apple Australia website.

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