New access system hits Spanish cinemas

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013 12:25pm

A number of Spanish cinemas are introducing captioned and audio described movies across their screens using Acce-Play, an accessible cinema system developed by Spain’s Navarre de Cinema and the University of Deusto in Bilbao. The technology will allow for more flexibility with the display of captions.

Using the Acce-Play system, captions can either be open or closed, depending on the cinema’s preference.  The open captions can be projected onto a 50 centimetre wide, 5 metre long screen under the main cinema screen. Closed captions can be shown either on a small personal screen attached to the viewer’s seat or shown on a set of interactive glasses.

Audio description, an extra audio track for blind and vision impaired viewers, is sent to wireless headphones as usual.

The captions and audio description for Acce-Play are produced by Navarre de Cinema and the technology has been developed by the University of Deusto, with support for development and installation from the Orange Foundation.

Cines Dreams at the Palacio de Hielo in suburban Madrid has installed Acce-Play across its 15 screens for all patrons to enjoy the movie experience. Other cinemas planning to install Acce-Play include Golem Cines in Bilbao, Cines LYS in Valencia and Amigos de los Cines Saide in Pamploma.

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