New video game brings blind players out of the dark

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Thursday, 8 September 2011 11:03am

A new video game is being developed that caters for people who are blind or vision impaired. Voices in the Dark has been designed with accessibility in mind, and as it has no graphics at all, creates a rich sensory experience for those without sight.

The game creates a three dimensional environment which can be explored by relying on a player’s sense of hearing. 

Designer Pablo Mera explained his approach to the project. “We are not aiming at making a game for blind people... we are aiming at making an incredible new experience for everybody, that happens to level the field so blind people won't feel excluded.

“We plan to tell stories like people used to do it through radio theatre, but in a much more interactive way. Imagination will be a big part of the process, as each player will fill the visual gaps with his own mind.”

The small team of Chilean developers, IguanaBee, are using public donations and expect to be able to provide the game for US$15 once complete.  Depending on funding, the team expect the game to be released early next year.

An interview with Pablo Mera can be found on The Sydney Morning Herald’s Screenplay website.

Media Access Australia’s accessible gaming webpage has further information and links to resources and communities for gamers with various disabilities.

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