Cap that tips and tricks: How to search for captioned videos on YouTube

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Closed captions on YouTube can either be provided by the owner of the video or are automated captions which use speech recognition software to transcribe the video.

To search for YouTube videos with closed captions on the YouTube website:

  • Go to and enter a search term (e.g. ‘plants’). Click the search button.
  • On the search results page above the generated results, click on the ‘Filters’ button. Under ‘Features’ select ‘CC (closed captioned)’.The YouTube website with the closed caption filters highlighted.
  • The results will now be filtered to display all videos with closed captions.The YouTube search results page with only closed captioned videos.

Look out for the CC symbol under the video description. Any video with captions provided by the video owner is indicated by this CC symbol.

Select English captions for accuracy

Select English captions on YouTube videos to ensure your students watch an accurate transcription of the soundtrack.

Looking for more captioned videos?

To find more captioned videos, visit the Media Access Australia website's online educational video directory.

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