Technology for learning at home

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Although most students who are blind or have low vision receive some support at school, it can be a challenge for parents to replicate this support at home. There are a number of technologies which help students keep on track with homework for little or no expense.

Some of the most common access technologies and their free or low-cost equivalents.
At school At home
Large print or braille books
  • eBooks
  • Audio books
  • DAISY books
JAWS screen reader
  • NVDA (Windows)
  • Narrator (Windows 8)
  • VoiceOver (Apple Mac and iOS)
  • Talkback (Android)
ZoomText or MAGic screen magnifer
  • Magnifier (Windows)
  • Glassbrick (Windows)
  • Zoom (Apple Mac and iOS)
  • Magnification apps for smartphones and tablets


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