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CAP THAT! is an initiative of Media Access Australia with a dedicated website developed to raise awareness nationally of the need for teachers to turn on captions in the classroom.

The use of captions in the classroom benefits all students, providing them with multiple means of accessing information; via the combination of image, sound and text on screen, to create meaning from the content viewed. The benefit of captions is well documented in the research.

Feedback from teachers about the CAP THAT! initiative is positive, with teachers finding practical help via the resources page, which features lesson plans for F-12, ‘how to’ videos that can be used as mini staff meeting PD opportunities, where to find captioned videos and more.

Teachers are encouraged to get involved by signing up to the newsletter, following on Twitter and Facebook and becoming a Captions Champion, which means you'll receive a free kit of resources to help you use captions in your classroom and promote their use across the school.

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