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The following table summarises the applications created by the two leading developers of accessible Android applications: IDEAL and Project Eyes-Free. This is not an exhaustive list of accessible Android applications, and there will be other mainstream applications that are accessible.

If you have an Android device, you can download applications from the Android Marketplace. Otherwise, follow the links provided in the table below for manual download and installation.

Application Application description Cost Developer
Accessibility Preferences An app to change preference settings for accessibility applications such as TalkBack, KickBack and SoundBack. Free Eyes-Free
Better Voices for Cupcake An app that enables you to use the better sounding female Donut (Android 1.6) voices on your Cupcake (Android 1.5) phone. Free IDEAL
Click, link, compete A library for developers for multiplayer gaming on Android. Free Eyes-Free
CLiCkin 2 Da BeaT (Beta) An accessible rhythm/music game where the goal is to tap on the beat target when its circles come together as one. Free Eyes-Free
eSpeak for Android Port of the eSpeak engine that runs on Android. Free Eyes-Free
Eyes-free (Marvin) shell The Marvin shell is a custom-built eyes-free interface that can replace your standard home screen. Includes ‘mini apps’ that provide easy access to useful information or features. Free Eyes-Free
Eyes-free Configuration Manager Lists available applications from Project Eyes-Free. Enables you to set the Eyes-Free Shell as your default Home application. Free Eyes-Free
iAugComm An augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app, which can enable individuals who are non-verbal or whose speech is difficult to understand to communicate easily and effectively using a simple, icon-based interface. $4.99 IDEAL
IDEAL Item Identifier A barcode-reading app that enables Android users to take a picture of standard UPC and QR codes, and reads the product description or embedded string respectively. Free IDEAL
IDEAL K9 E-Mail An accessible email client that works with TalkBack and other Android screen readers. Free IDEAL
IDEAL Magnifier A full-colour, high-clarity electronic magnifier that can be used for tasks such as reading letters, newspapers or books, or viewing objects. Free IDEAL
IDEAL Web Access Pack A self-voicing, gesture-based browser for Android devices. Also includes a plug-in that adds self-voicing capabilities to WebView for accessibility outside of IDEAL Web Reader. Free IDEAL
BIG Launcher Customisable home screen with big buttons and large fonts to access common features and applications that can be used as a replacement for the sometimes complicated default home screens. $1.39 BIG Launcher Team
Zoom Plus Video Magnifier An app that mimics the technology of physical magnifiers. Enlarges text and icons and adjusts colour contrasts for people who are vision impaired or colour blind. Note: Works with Android 2.1 and higher. Free 232 Studios
Intersection Explorer A virtual map of your surroundings that can be explored eyes-free. Use touch to move along the current road. Available directions that you can take at any given point will be spoken to you. Free Google Inc.
Mem An accessible game where you match the sequence of flashing colours and sounds. Free Eyes-Free
Pet Android Widget Voice recognition software that allows you to ask simple questions such as "google stock" or "time new york". For harder questions, it will show you the Google results page. (It will also get dizzy if you shake the phone and dance if there is music.) Free Eyes-Free
Randroid: Random xkcd An accessible viewer for the xkcd comic, so that you can hear the commentary or full transcript for the comic. Free Eyes-Free
Rock Lock An accessible music player. You can set Rock Lock as a pre-lock screen for your device to enable quick access to your music collection. If pre-lock is enabled & you have a lock pattern, Rock Lock will appear before you unlock your device. All controls are based on the Eyes-Free Stroke dialer. Free Eyes-Free
SMSpeaker Reads your SMSs out to you. .99c IDEAL
Speaking Pad An accessible notepad that will speak what you type. Free IDEAL
Talking Caller ID Speaks caller ID information when you receive a call. Free IDEAL
Talking Compass A digital compass that speaks your current heading and provides haptic feedback as you cross over any of the cardinal directions (i.e. north, south, east or west). Free Eyes-Free
Talking Dialer An electronic number pad where the first place you touch will be a ‘5’ and you slide your finger in the direction of the number you want, as per a standard number pad layout. Free Eyes-Free
Text-To-Speech Extended A library for developers for use by other applications. Free Eyes-Free
WalkyTalky An accessible navigation aid that allows you to specify your destination, and in addition to spoken directions from Google Maps, will also announce the street address of nearby locations as you pass them. Free Eyes-Free
Opera Mobile

Mobile web browser. Allows you to customise the browser colours by creating a special CSS style sheet.

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