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Survey shows high levels of awareness and use of captioning


A survey commissioned by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network and Media Access Australia (MAA) has revealed high levels of awareness and use of closed captioning on TV in the Australian community and supported the push for more captioning on free-to-air multichannels.

Conducted by the Australian Institute, the survey showed that out of the 1294 respondents, 94% said they were aware of captioning, 30% said they sometimes used it and 3% said they always used the service when watching television.

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Name change for Australian DVD distributors’ association


From 1 February 2011, the Australian Visual Software Distributors Association (AVSDA), representative of the Australian film and TV home entertainment industry, will be known as the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA).

The Association plays a vital role in ensuring Australian DVD and Blu-ray products are released with captions and audio description. AHEDA has worked with consumer groups, Media Access Australia and the Australian Human Rights Commission since 2006 to improve access levels, and continues an educational campaign to members to encourage the importation of titles with access features and the local production of titles with access features.

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Nine agrees to caption ‘V’ on GO!


Nine has agreed to caption the new series of ‘V’ on free-to-air channel GO! after viewers complained that it was not captioned.

While the previous series shown on Nine’s main channel was captioned, the first episode of the new series was not. This is in line with the Federal Government’s regulations concerning multichannels like GO!, which are only obliged to caption repeat programs that were originally screened on a network’s main channel with captions.

However, following the complaints, Nine has agreed to caption the new series from episode 2 onwards.

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Statistics on DVD accessibility in Australia


Since 2006, Media Access Australia (MAA) has been keeping a watch on the access levels of entertainment, rental DVDs in Australia on a bi-monthly basis. 

The methods used to provide the information below is simply taken from the DVD covers of rental titles at a local DVD outlet, with support from members of the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association (AHEDA).

Within the time that statistics have been kept, over 2,500 titles have been researched.  Titles are checked for a number of things:

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