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Had technical issues at the cinema? Let us know and you could win a DVD

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Media Access Australia’s accessible cinema questionnaire is gathering feedback from moviegoers on technical issues for closed captions and audio description. By providing your answers you’ll not only be helping improve cinema access, but also go in the draw to win a new release DVD of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

The questionnaire is designed to capture information around technical issues that patrons may experience while trying to watch accessible cinema. These may be a number of problems, such as captions dropping out halfway through a movie or volume changes to the audio description.

The information collected from the questionnaire may be used for a report that will be sent to movie post-production houses and Australian cinemas to help them to improve the delivery of closed captions and audio description.

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UK project to help bring music to cochlear users


Cochlear implants help those with severe to profound hearing loss perceive speech but the technology has difficulties communicating the complexities of music. A new initiative in the UK aims to create a series of exercises which will enable notes to be distinguished and enjoyed by the listener.

The Music Focus Group is holding a series of workshops which will explore the aspects of music which can be appreciated by cochlear users. The findings of the research will then guide the production of music specifically for those with the implants.

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Ofcom proposes expanded UK telephone relay service


Ofcom, the UK’s media and communications regulator, has released a Review of Relay Services, proposing a number of expansions to the current telephone relay service for people who are Deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired.

Having completed substantial research in the area, the UK Review of Relay Services proposes:

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ANZ goMoney supports blind and vision impaired customers


ANZ banking customers can now access the ANZ goMoney app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using VoiceOver, Apple’s inbuilt screen reader technology.

According to ANZ’s frequently asked questions, the app is accessible with VoiceOver, with the exception of the ‘learn more’ screen and the review payment input details when using the Pay Anyone and BPAY® features.

ANZ supplies a workaround method for customers trying to access their individual transactions on the transaction list page.

Digital media and technology: 

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