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April 2016
Date Published News headline and description
20 April 2016 Netflix improves accessibility for the blind
In a court settlement with the American Council of the Blind (ACB), Netflix has agreed to include more audio description on its streamed content and...
11 April 2016 The force is even stronger with AD and CC
The latest film in the Star Wars universe, The Force Awakens, is now available for sale in iTunes with audio description (AD) and closed captions, so...
February 2016
Date Published News headline and description
01 February 2016 Languages and the media conference – a major access event
The biggest access conference in the world will take place in Berlin on 2-4 November 2016.
June 2014
Date Published News headline and description
25 June 2014 New York Times touts accessibility upgrades
The New York Times has announced that it has made accessibility improvements to its new site following the introduction of inaccessible features in a...
April 2014
Date Published News headline and description
02 April 2014 Qantas improves in-flight accessibility
Australia’s national airline has drastically improved the experience of flying for blind and vision impaired passengers by making the devices used on...
November 2013
Date Published News headline and description
13 November 2013 Forum to discuss accessible communications for councils
A Melbourne forum about accessible communications for local councils will be held on Thursday 14 November. Called the White Horse City Council...
August 2013
Date Published News headline and description
29 August 2013 Audio described movie in Mudgee NSW
A community event is being held in Mudgee, NSW to raise awareness of audio description. A screening of the Baz Luhrmann film Australia will be...
December 2012
Date Published News headline and description
05 December 2012 Top 12 of 2012 #3 – the National Transition Strategy
The Australian Government should have made significant progress towards making each of its websites accessible in 2012 as a result of the Web...
November 2012
Date Published News headline and description
30 November 2012 sociABILITY translated into Hungarian
Our sociABILITY: Social media for people with a disability resource has been made available to people in Hungary through the Australian Embassy’s...
22 November 2012 Presentation: Does measuring caption quality really make any difference?
Our CEO, Alex Varley, is presenting at the Languages and the Media Conference in Berlin this week. Below are the slides and summary of his...
22 November 2012 Greens Senators support audio description
Senator Scott Ludlam, Greens spokesperson for communications, and Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson for disability, have urged the...
15 November 2012 We cover the world’s largest access conference
Hosted in Berlin every two years, the Languages and the Media conference brings together media access experts from around the world. Our CEO, Alex...
12 November 2012 NVDA screen reader now recognises long description
Free screen reader for Windows, NVDA, has been updated to recognise 'longdesc', an attribute used by web developers to describe the data that is...
06 November 2012 Audio description trial hailed a great success
The trial of audio description on Australian television ended Sunday night on ABC1, with the Australian drama Dangerous Remedy being the last program...
October 2012
Date Published News headline and description
10 October 2012 YouTube asks users to report lack of captions
YouTube has posted a notification on its site asking users to report videos that lack captions. The online video streaming website is asking users to...
September 2012
Date Published News headline and description
10 September 2012 Had technical issues at the cinema? Let us know and you could win a DVD
Media Access Australia’s accessible cinema questionnaire is gathering feedback from moviegoers on technical issues for closed captions and audio...
August 2011
Date Published News headline and description
01 August 2011 UK project to help bring music to cochlear users
Cochlear implants help those with severe to profound hearing loss perceive speech but the technology has difficulties communicating the complexities...
July 2011
Date Published News headline and description
29 July 2011 Ofcom proposes expanded UK telephone relay service
Ofcom, the UK’s media and communications regulator, has released a Review of Relay Services, proposing a number of expansions to the current...
28 July 2011 ANZ goMoney supports blind and vision impaired customers
ANZ banking customers can now access the ANZ goMoney app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using VoiceOver, Apple’s inbuilt screen reader...
28 July 2011 W3C updates accessibility guidelines
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the global regulatory body for the web, has recently updated a number of their working draft standards. A series...