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February 2014
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03 February 2014 Most accessible game of 2013 announced
The AbleGamers Charity, an international authority on video and computer game accessibility, has announced its awards for games and gaming devices...
January 2014
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20 January 2014 Window-Eyes screen reader made free to Office users
The market for screen readers, software which converts text on computer screens to synthetic voice, is becoming more competitive and people who are...
16 January 2014 Test of Android 4.4 KitKat on the Moto G smartphone
We’re entering an era where cost doesn’t mean we have to compromise on accessibility. Last year, Motorola announced its $US179 Moto G smartphone....
14 January 2014 Accessibility highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show
The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held last week in Las Vegas, revealing a number of interesting new products that are likely to turn up...
08 January 2014 New app brings enhanced accessibility to Perth bus network
A new app for Android smartphones has been released to help Perth residents who are blind or vision impaired get around on buses.
December 2013
Date Published News headline and description
19 December 2013 Top five podcast episodes of 2013
Each week, we help produce a segment for Vision Australia Radio. Presented by community broadcasting legend Roberta Ashby, these offer a special...
19 December 2013 Highlights 2013: Accessibility improvements in navigation apps
In 2013, there have been some significant developments for accessibility in navigation apps. Navigation apps allow people to use their mobile devices...
09 December 2013 Highlights of 2013: Australian made apps
Australia has made a huge contribution to the world of assistive apps this year. As part of our Highlights series, we look back at just a few.
04 December 2013 Highlights of 2013: Accessibility in mainstream devices
In 2013 people with disability have been offered more choice in smartphones and tablet computers. While Apple still dominates this market, this year...
November 2013
Date Published News headline and description
27 November 2013 Nokia assistive app competition
Smartphone company Nokia and the Royal National Institute for Blind People in the UK have partnered in a competition for apps which assist people who...
15 November 2013 An accessible smartphone for under $200
Motorola has produced a smartphone that for $US179 carries all the accessibility features of premium models.
October 2013
Date Published News headline and description
31 October 2013 US adopts rules to make electronic devices more accessible
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted a set of rules which will make a wide range of electronic devices more accessible for the...
23 October 2013 OS X Mavericks released with improved accessibility
Apple has updated its operating system for laptop and desktop computers to OS X Mavericks. The update includes a number of improvements which make...
18 October 2013 Windows 8.1 update released with minor accessibility improvements
Microsoft has launched the Windows 8.1 update today, building on the most accessible operating system Microsoft has ever released.
11 October 2013 Blind Arabic speakers left out in iOS 7
Blind Arabic speakers have identified that the quality of the screen reader has gone backwards in the latest update to the Apple iPad and iPhone...
10 October 2013 Demonstrations of Kindle Fire accessibility feaures
The Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) in the UK has released a set of videos demonstrating the accessibility features of Amazon’s...
08 October 2013 Internet use higher among people with a disability in UK
More people with a disability are using the internet more frequently for social networking and job seeking than people without a disability,...
September 2013
Date Published News headline and description
27 September 2013 New Amazon Kindle tablets to include accessibility
After promising last year, Amazon announced on Wednesday that its new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets will come with improved...
24 September 2013 The Android accessibility journey: a vision impaired user perspective
Despite the Apple iPhone leading in accessibility, many blind and vision impaired users eschew it in favour of Google Android phones. Dr Scott...
20 September 2013 eReader producers continue fight to avoid accessibility
eReader manufacturers Amazon, Kobo and Sony have petitioned the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to seek  exemption from laws requiring...