First accessible Australian digital movie released

Thursday, 8 September 2011 15:18pm

It may not be opening night but it may as well be for captioned and audio described movie fans that have been waiting weeks to see the hit Australian movie Red Dog on cinema screens.

Through a combination of community pressure and a few dedicated people within the film and accessible media industry, Red Dog has become the first Australian movie captioned and audio described for digital cinema release.

Media Access Australia is thrilled with this announcement and is hopeful that Red Dog paves the way for other Australian movie producers to succeed in getting their production on cinema screens for all Australians to experience.

Sessions will commence from today, 8 September at Hoyts Broadway with other sessions to hopefully be scheduled at closed captioned and audio described locations nationally. Please check the Your Local Cinema website’s session pages for session announcements or check your local cinema’s advertising for session times. Your Local Cinema cannot guarantee that every location will be playing the accessible version.

A captioned version of the Red Dog trailer is available.

In writing this article it would be remiss not to acknowledge the following people who worked hard to ensure this hit Australian movie made it on to our screens with captions and audio description: Emma Chevron and the Carousel Captioned Cinema group, Red Dog producer Nelson Woss, Donna Easey from Roadshow Entertainment, Javier Arriaga from The SubStation and Abigail Merrick from Digital Pictures.

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