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October 2015
Date Published News headline and description
30 October 2015 Three upcoming accessible theatre productions in Adelaide
Access2Arts have shared a list of upcoming touch tour and audio described productions in Adelaide for theatre fans who are blind or vision impaired.
28 October 2015 UK TV access report shows over compliance
The UK regulator Ofcom has released its access compliance report for the first two quarters of 2015 and it shows that generally all quotas have been...
23 October 2015 Live captioning bonanza captured by ACMA
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) held a day-long event in September dedicated to live captioning issues as part of its...
21 October 2015 Digital Gap Initiative invites you to Parliament
The Federal Parliament will be the venue for a major accessibility event showcasing developments and issues in digital accessibility.
21 October 2015 Apple to provide accessibility support around NDIS conference
Apple is presenting its accessibility technologies at the NDIS New World Conference in Brisbane next week. The tech giant has prepared an "Accessible...
20 October 2015 Yahoo streams captioned NFL to the world
American online giant Yahoo will be providing its first streamed and captioned National Football League (NFL) game live from London UK on 25 October.
19 October 2015 Video on demand access builds up
Video on Demand (VOD) is a rapidly growing platform for consuming entertainment content.  Recent developments overseas are showing that action around...
15 October 2015 New Zealand Deaf community takes Sky to Commission over lack of captions
Deaf groups in New Zealand have formalised complaints against subscription television broadcaster Sky for not captioning the coverage of the Rugby...
14 October 2015 Audio described performance of Next to Normal rock musical in Perth
The Black Swan State Theatre Company will be presenting an audio described musical theatre production at the State Theatre Centre of Western...
12 October 2015 Blind Citizens Australia wraps up successful convention in Perth
The Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) annual convention was held over the weekend at the Mercure hotel in Perth, with approximately 120 attendees...
12 October 2015 American regulator denies captioning exemptions to churches
In the USA, religious television is very popular with lots of churches having their own television shows and channels. Under American rules these...
09 October 2015 Digital Inclusion Index measures access in Australia
A new Melbourne-based research project has launched with the aim of discovering the reach of digital inclusion in Australia.
08 October 2015 Museum audio described online
A common approach for museums and galleries is to provide tours and information online, so that people who do not live in the place where it is...
07 October 2015 Looking forward with access at BCA
Media Access Australia’s Director of Digital Accessibility, Dr Scott Hollier, will be presenting on developments in access technology for blind and...
06 October 2015 At home in the caption lab
BBC senior engineer Mike Armstrong works with caption viewers in a replica of an everyday lounge room to try and get the most realistic reactions to...
02 October 2015 Stencil Art Prize in Sydney to host audio described tour
The Stencil Art Prize is the largest stencil event in the world to recognise and reward stencil artists. This year, there will be 92 finalists on...
01 October 2015 Accessible India Campaign to greatly improve access to media
The Accessible India Campaign is set to launch on December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, with a strong focus on improving...
September 2015
Date Published News headline and description
30 September 2015 Australian Game Developer Awards set to honour accessibility and representation of people with disabilities
Nominations are open for the Australian Game Developer Awards (AGDAs) until Friday 2nd October, awarding accessible design and games representing...
30 September 2015 Call for papers at LEAD arts access conference
The major conference for accessible arts, LEAD (Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability) is being held in Pittsburgh, USA on 1-5 August 2016.
29 September 2015 iTunes Australia offering audio described movies
There has been a quiet, small development in the availability of audio described movies from Apple iTunes in Australia.