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Latest News

  • In the fourth part of our series on red tape repeal, we look at the confusing state of caption quotas for Australian TV, and how they can be simplified to benefit consumers and broadcasters.

  • Tuesday, 30 September 2014
    Digital Theatre productions with captions

    UK not-for-profit captioning organisation Stagetext has partnered with on-demand live arts service Digital Theatre to offer captioned versions of theatre productions.

  • In the third part of our series on red tape repeal, we look at calls to end the requirement that broadcasters must report on how much captioning they have done.

  • Thursday, 25 September 2014
    Ai-Media trials live captioning in UK schools

    The Australian-based access company Ai-Media, in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and the UK charity Nesta, has been working on a project which looks at the benefits of real-time captioning and transcriptions in British classrooms.

  • In the second part of our series on red tape repeal, we look at the issue of caption quotas on subscription television, and the importance for consumers of knowing in advance how much will be captioned on individual channels.

  • The annual Leadership Exchange in the Arts and Disability (LEAD) conference has called for proposals for pre-conference workshops and conference sessions for its 2015 event which will be held in Washington DC during August.

  • The next round of the Federal Government’s repeal red tape campaign is due to take place next month and is likely to include captioning issues. We have contacted a number of interest groups including Federal politicians with our recommendations on how repealing red tape could benefit the operation of the captioning elements of the Broadcasting Services Act.

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