eLearning Content

The goal of eLearning modules related to accessibility and disability awareness is to increase awareness of the importance of accessibility and bring people creating content or websites within your organisation around to adopting the best practice guidelines, bringing the guidelines to life in a way that makes them practical and straightforward to apply.

Media Access Australia can create eLearning content unique to your organisation’s requirements and environment. Employees taking the course will work better if they have a clear idea of the direct impact they can have on a customer’s experience.

Our general goal with eLearning content is to focus on different employee groups and give practical how-to steps for key changes to work practices that will make a big difference in terms of accessibility. For instance, this might include the top 10 steps that designers, developers or content authors can take to improve the accessibility of a website.

The content conveys the essence of each point, then links to further detail so participants can take their learning further if inclined.

Creating eLearning modules relating to disability and accessibility awareness is a key way to support your organisation’s accessibility initiative.