Strategy and Planning

Before you begin your digital accessibility initiative you need to know what to expect. Sitting back and asking questions like…

  • Where do we start?
  • How do we ensure that accessibility becomes a repeatable process?
  • How much will it cost and what resources do I need?

… is definitely the right place to start, but you need an experienced partner to help you get started.

Media Access Australia has a strong accessibility heritage.  We have helped many organisations through the process of embedding accessibility principles into everyday work practices. Like any new organisational initiative, success lies in the strategy and planning process.

Media Access Australia works with clients to develop and implement policies and related standards for addressing digital accessibility across the entire organisation. The following key areas are typically explored:

Accessibility Policy

We can help design an accessibility policy that defines agreed standards and requirements. The goal of this step is to match the relevant legal and regulatory requirements to your operating environment and provide any additional policies that are relevant.

Accessibility Issue Resolution Process and Policy

Media Access Australia works with you and key stakeholders in your organisation to define an accessibility issue resolution process, the escalation steps and procedures for resolving reported accessibility issues. This includes creating ‘front-end access points’ for consumers to engage with (which may include both online feedback forms and customer service touch points) and the establishment of agreed response times for resolving issues.

Legal Review

Media Access Australia will review your current work practices and provide a risk assessment of your organisation’s potential exposure to litigation and complaints.

Procurement and Contract Policy

Ensuring that your suppliers are providing accessible content, ITC and digital solutions is paramount to the success of your overall digital accessibility strategy. This policy will be developed in conjunction with your procurement team with the goal of ensuring that vendors and suppliers are clear on your organisation’s expectations, standards and rights of redress should digital and ITC accessibility standards not be met.

This work will focus on ensuring the correct contract language, certification and reporting requirements are in place to ensure all items delivered to your organisation by third parties comply with accessibility requirements.

Accessibility Training Material and Certification Tests

Media Access Australia will develop educational resources, checklists, certification tests and training to enable your employees to verify the degree to which deliverables from vendors and suppliers comply with accessibility guidelines. We also provide support for your staff involved in high priority and complex procurements.