Accessibility Statements

The role of an accessibility statement is to let the users of a website who may have a disability know about the important aspects of the way the website had been created to be accessible, and give details on how they can optimise their website user experience.

An accessibility statement has two basic functions:

  1. Firstly it presents clear information about the target level of web accessibility (usually referencing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and any local regulatory instruments as the benchmark), and the methods used to achieve those targets. It also allows the website owner to acknowledge any areas of the website where accessibility targets have not been met and to outline the proposed plan for resolving them.
  2. Secondly, an accessibility statement is a powerful declaration of commitment. People visiting the website, particularly those with disabilities, will appreciate the open acknowledgement that accessibility has been a key design and development consideration for the website.

With a wealth of digital accessibility experience behind us, Media Access Australia will work with your organisation to create a customised accessibility statement that covers all aspects of document, web, digital and ICT accessibility, and sends your clients and users a clear message of your commitment to engagement and inclusion for users of all abilities.