Accessible Video Content

Making video content accessible, using captioning and audio description, is one that many organisations struggle with, yet it is a key component of WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Media Access Australia has developed a simple and straightforward approach to managing video accessibility that is designed to help you develop a practical strategy that can be easily carried out in stages, depending on your specific needs.

Our approach deals with professionally-produced video, in-house productions and archived material and we provide a clear, staged plan for successfully managing your video accessibility.

Video accessibility review and plan

We always begin with an assessment to determine your current situation and establish the scope of work. Our video accessibility review will help your organisation develop a practical strategy that ensures:

  • Areas of good practice are identified and built on.
  • The easiest areas for implementation that have significant impact are delivered first.
  • Efficiencies and value for money are achieved.
  • A clear timetable for compliance is outlined that can be easily communicated to your stakeholders.
  • Any risk factors, including technology, are minimised during implementation.

Media Access Australia is the practical expert in video accessibility

As an organisation with a strong track record in developing and implementing practical video accessibility since its formation in 1982 (as the Australian Caption Centre), Media Access Australia draws on extensive expertise in captioning and audio description production, standards and approaches. We work with governments, regulators, media organisations and consumer groups in reviewing, developing and implementing access to media using the latest captioning and audio description knowledge and techniques.

Other video accessibility options

DIY captioning training

Media Access Australia provides half-day training on DIY captioning aimed at marketing and communications professionals that need a cost-effective solution to dealing with You Tube and Vimeo channel content and short in-house video material.

This practical, hands-on workshop looks at how to caption using free online software and includes information on standards, quality control, presentation tips, and evaluation processes for choosing and using external caption suppliers.

Audio description for access professionals

This 4-day course is designed for access professionals looking to expand their skills to include audio description. The training looks at audio description essentials, the decision making processes for what to include in audio description, and real-world production issues. It is hands-on and practical with participants creating audio description for their own material or external content and finishing as fully-trained audio describers.

Captioning and accessible content

Creating accessible social media through captioning and audio description is also part of our suite of Accessible Digital Communications services. So that you get optimal value, all of our training can be customised to suit your specific needs.