Media Access Australia is a full-service accessibility consulting organisation.

Whether you require a technical audit of your website to assess its conformance with accessibility standards, training for your content authors and developers, or need an assessment of how your organisation is tracking in terms of its overall accessibility maturity, Media Access Australia can help.

Our philosophy is to provide practical advice and solutions that are easily implemented and can  be managed in an ongoing manner.

Our services include:

Digital Accessibility Consulting: accessibility governance, strategy, policy and planning, accessibility maturity assessments and accessibility statements.

Web, Mobile and App Development: irrespective of your development methodology, Media Access Australia can easily dovetail accessibility testing into your project.

Accessibility Audits and Testing: engage us to employ our rigorous testing process to your website or apps to evaluate their level of accessibility.

Accessible Video Service: a simple and straightforward approach to managing video accessibility that is designed to help you develop a practical strategy that can be easily carried out in stages, depending on your specific needs.

Accessible Document Service: remediation of inaccessible documents into documents that can be accessed by the broadest possible audience and are compliant with WCAG 2.0 principles for non-web documents.

Education and Training: whether you need to bring your staff up to speed on accessibility principles, educate your developers and designers in WCAG 2.0, or train your content authors to create accessible content for the web, in Microsoft Office products, PDF or in InDesign, we have a training solution that can be customised to your unique situation.

Accessibility Resources and Guides: ongoing accessibility governance and compliance relies in part on being able to provide resources to your employees and colleagues that keep them informed and educated on your organisation’s accessibility standards and policies. Media Access Australia can tailor resources to suit all levels of employees within an organisation, and has worked with intranets and eLearning systems.

Accessible Digital Communications: Marketing and Communications aren’t often involved in accessibility discussions. Media Access Australia believes that the accessibility conversation should most definitely extend to these areas of your organisation, since they are the custodians of the brand which impacts a vast array of design aspects, digital communications, customer engagement and social media, all of which have accessibility considerations that need to be explored.

We’re here to help

If you’re not quite sure what you need or whether you need something a little different, please contact us to find out how we can help make digital accessibility implementation easier for your organisation.