Hack4Good accessibility toolkit presentation by MAA’s Heidi Laidler

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Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide

Cognitive Guide video transcript

Cognitive Disability can be a difficult condition to understand. The Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide was created by Media Access Australia to provide guidance on how best to address accessibility-related issues for people with cognitive disability in a media context.
Download the Cognitive Disability Digital Accessibility Guide
For enquiries about this guide please email or call (02) 9212 6242.

Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility

This video outlines the main points and key benefits of enrolling in Australia’s only university-accredited web accessibility certificate for web professionals. An audio described version of this video is also available.

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Universal design for organisations – digital accessibility

Through an alliance with Australian Network on Disability (AND), Media Access Australia (MAA) contributed and helped organise the digital accessibility stream of AND’s annual conference, which was held in Sydney on 17 May 2016.

Presentation video

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Rather than hear from Media Access Australia about our services and approach to managing digital accessibility with AND members, we believed that the best engagement for the audience would be achieved by hearing directly from another member.

Natalie Collins, Deputy CEO at MAA was the session facilitator and shared the stage with Sarah Abbott, the Senior Manager, Group Diversity and Inclusion, at Commonwealth Bank.

Sarah outlined the strategies and approaches that they took to gain cut-through, influence, and improve digital accessibility across the organisation, and how universal design principles are changing the way digital services meet the needs of users.

QandA video

QandA video transcript

Sarah Abbott of the Commonwealth Bank and Natalie Collins from Media Access Australia fielded questions from audience members, and addressed the issues raised, in an informative QandA session that followed their conference presentation.