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If we provide accessibility resources that help you help yourself or make the job just that little bit easier, then we’re one step closer to achieving our mission of a web without limits.

Access iQ – digital accessibility for web professionals

Access iQ is a service of Media Access Australia. It is an extensive online information repository that offers content that equips individuals and organisations with information to ensure their websites, web applications and digital experiences are accessible.

Access iQ delivers on a clear mandate to provide up-to-date guidance that is straightforward and practical, on a role-by-role basis.

Media Access Australia – accessibility information for consumers

The Media Access Australia website provides a vast array of resources and information for consumers and organisations needing to know about broader media access issues. Whether it be information about technology access, cinema, TV or DVD access, or education access, the Media Access Australia website provides easy-to-understand information for consumers.

Fact and Tip Sheets

Our extensive experience has shown that getting the basic facts and how-to information on digital accessibility can help make the job much easier.