Social Media

The digital landscape remains a disabling environment to many people when navigating websites and using devices and various social media platforms.

Accessibility is a civil and human right. The power and promise of social media is still out of reach for many people with disabilities who do not have the same ease-of-use and benefits as non-disabled users. This effectively shuts consumers out of opportunities to engage and increases inequality further.

Advancing accessibility and social media

Media Access Australia are thought leaders in social media accessibility, with an expert knowledge base in the real-world issues experienced by people with disabilities accessing media and technology. This expertise, derived from personal experience and the growing popularity of social media, allowed Media Access Australia to develop its first practical Guide to Social Media in 2009, followed by SociABILITY: social media for people with a disability and series of practical fact sheets in 2012.

We help organisations in a variety of ways:

Policy and Planning

Our consultative approach assists organisations in developing social media policies and planning templates that are inclusive of accessibility and useability concerns. Our engagement approach is based on identifying knowledge gaps and what can be practically achieved.

Facilitated workshops and training

A workshop for content managers, marketing managers and social media coordinators, covering why digital accessibility is important for your audiences, automated access checking tools, and accessibility tips for a range of social media platforms.

Participants will understand how to make their social media communications as accessible as possible using third party social platforms:

  • YouTube (includes captioning and audio description examples for video)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Skype
  • Blogging