Brand and Logo Assessment

Your organisation’s brand acts as an anchor point upon which other assets such as brochures, public documents and websites are built.

While there are no international guidelines for accessible graphic design, making digital information and experiences accessible is required by law under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Therefore, it is only sensible to ensure that accessible and universal design principles be followed since the brand sets the tone for all other assets that follow.

To avoid multi-version colour palettes or branding guidelines, it is best if the principles of accessibility are applied at the outset so that all other branding assets cascading from the master brandmark are accessible too.

Typical areas covered in our comprehensive brand analysis report include:

  • Choice of colour, its contrast and how your brand’s colour palette translates to online designs
  • Wordmarks and taglines
  • Typography and fonts
  • Language
  • Use of images
  • Use of iconography, web icons, feature tiles and buttons

We can also develop resources for you to supply to your external designers and agencies so that they understand and can implement the basic principles of accessible design.

Read this case study on how one organisation implemented accessibility into its brand and communications.