Operating systems

Every smartphone, desktop computer and tablet uses an operating system. This is the base software which allows the computer to work.

Many operating systems have standard features and assistive technology software that can make computers easier and more comfortable to use for people with disabilities. However, access features do differ from one operating system to another, in particular with built in assistive technology software such as screen readers and screen magnifiers.

Operating systems for computers

The most popular operating systems for computers and tablets are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Google Android. Each of these have access features and assistive technology software that can assist people with disabilities.

Operating systems for smartphones and tablets

Apple iOS and Android are the two mobile operating systems with built in access features. iOS runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and includes advanced accessibility features, making these devices accessible particularly to people who are blind or vision impaired. Android runs on a variety of devices referred to as Android smartphones or Android tablets and has some built in accessibility features.

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