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SAToGo is a free web-activated screen reader that gives you complete access to your computer. Its web-based design and advanced features make it just as useful for permanent, everyday use as an on-the-go solution when you find yourself at a public computer. SAToGo is the web-based version of the System Access software that is made by Serotek, a company that produces a range of commercial assistive technology products.

Access review

SAToGo works with the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Skype and Adobe Reader. There is no known support for Java at this time.

Although you can download the software using other web browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), it is recommended that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer for proper functioning of SAToGo.

Type in your web browser to load the SAToGo webpage. Once loaded, spoken prompts will help you to start SAToGo. First, download and run the SAToGo software. Note that this does not install anything on the computer you are using, so you should still be able to use SAToGo on a public computer. SAToGo will then ask if you wish to create a free account with SAToGo, login if you already have an account or continue to use SAToGo without an account. An account does allow you to save personal preferences such as speech rate, pitch, key echo, voice and various other customisations, so repeat users may find an account useful.

SAToGo will remain active as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Comparison with WebAnywhere

Although SAToGo and WebAnywhere are both web-activated screen readers, that is where the similarities end. While WebAnywhere provides basic voice access to information on the internet though a web browser, the more sophisticated SAToGo enables  you to not only browse the web but also navigate around Windows and use many applications on the computer.

Starting SAToGo is more complex and time consuming than starting WebAnywhere, even if you have already have a user account or choose to use SAToGo with no account. SAToGo does provide clear audio instructions to assist you when you start SAToGo. For many people, the versatility of SAToGo compared with WebAnywhere may make the added complexity and time worthwhile even when using it as a one-off on-the-go solution.

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